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Trampling of Constitutional Rights in Jharkhand

Posted by sebydesiolim on Wed 24 of Jan, 2007 16:09 IST

January 24 2007

Like rest of India Newly carved State of Jharkhand in India too facing series of mega-trampling on citizens rights. The State of Jharkhand was carved out in the year 2000 after prolong demand of nearly 70 years for the same. However the timing of formation of separate State of Jharkhand seems to be less because of people’s agitation than due to Corporate desires for access to minerals that lies deep inside the ground occupied for thousands of years by Dalits and Adivasis. Jharkhand today is one of the richest mineral deposit of India and relentless efforts are on to sell out the minerals to number of world capitalist conglomerates.

Between 2003 and 2005 Jharkhand government went on a spree to enter into Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) for nearly 44 projects as per information available on Jharkhand State government website . MoUs? are Integrated Steel plants, Sponge Iron, Power Plants, Captive Coal mines, Ferro Alloy, mining, Crushing Units, Alumina Plants, Pig Iron, Steel making, Sponge Iron and Induction Furnance, Captive Power Plants, Aluminum products, WHR, Power Plant Washeries, Plant TMY Bar, Ladle Furnance, Stand billet carter1, Billet caster, Blast furnace, Pig castings, Cement and power tillers. Total land requirements is over 148908.66 acres in different parts of Jharkhand. Total investments in Jharkhand for the MoUs? signed is 187950.96 crore rupees. This includes corporate such as Tatas, Mittals, Hindalco, Kohinoor, Jindals and Goa’s Dempos. Goa’s V.S. Dempo & Company Pvt. Ltd entered in to MoU with Jharkhand Government on 6th October 2005 to set up Integrated Steel Plant at investment of 1016.00 Crore rupees with land requirement of 150 hectare in Manoharpur.

With the State government and Corporate entering in this collaborative pact Jharkhand is polarized between two distinct category of interests; adivasis and Dalits on one side as they stand to loose their land if these projects come true, and State and corporate on the other end as they tend to profit massively from their investments. Most of the elected representatives are caught in between this tug of war and the result is that even after year and half none of the projects are implemented so far. The stories of protest and resistance is alive all the time in Jharkhand. Dalit-Adivasi? solidarity in Jharkhand have succeeded in putting up formidable resistance to this land expropriation process.

From the spirit of Indian Constitution all the MoUs? signed by Jharkhand government are illegal. Adivasi land in Jharkhand comes under 5th Schedule of the Constitution and it is the Tribal Advisory Council that has power of land allocations in Adivasi areas. The Jharkhand State under the pressure from international capitalist forces has committed grave injuries to the constitutional provisions. Without Gram Sabha approval and without Tribal Advisory Council Approval all the MoUs? signed by State governments are illegal .

Biggest Working capital for all the projects under MoUs? is land, and all the land is with Adivasis and they are not going to give it to industrialists. For this reason very often nationalist jingoism is put into action. Spirit of sacrifice for the nation is invoked. Yet non of this is working in Jharkhand. Instead the spirit of resistance goes somewhat like what former deputy speaker of Bihar Assembly Devendranath Champia puts it “We have sacrificed enough in the name of Nation. We will not do any more. What Nation has done to us? Our Population has come down from 80% to 27%. We will give our life not our land.”

State-Corporate? nexus however is not willing to succumb to this logic and instead is working overtime to somehow get access to mining lands. The citizens of India who pays to keep India Army for its security is now prepared to attack the Adivasi and Dalits in Jharkhand to further corporate interests. It is time for Indian Society to remind the Indian and Jharkhand governments that India is Sovereign nation and will remain so. Interference of predatory State-Corporate? nexus is nothing but trampling of Constitutional Rights in Jharkhand and it is being resisted and pushed away at every moment in Jharkhand.

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