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Dempo mining ruins Mulgao lakes in Bicholim

Posted by sebydesiolim on Tue 28 of Aug, 2007 12:35 IST

All three lakes of Mulago supplying water to horticulture 'Kulagar' as well and paddy cultivation is polluted with mining silt from Dempo Mining Corporation operated mines.

Here are pictures taken on August 12, 2007 for you; this one is what Dempo mining corporations tom toms on its website as its commitment for Environment as well as claims it supplies drinking water from this lake to the Mulgao villagers. See how dirty it looks and you can guess if this water can be used for drinking purpose by humans: (external link)

The mining activities are very close to Mulgao lake; in fact you can see mining in the background of the lake in this picture: (external link)

Dempo's mining silt has washed into Mulgao's second lake 'Pattalle Tollem': (external link)

Mulgao's third lake 'Hagrem Tollem' used to supply was water for Paddy cultivation. Due to Dempo mining it has aquired the colour of mining silt. Have a look at this picture: (external link)

This man is from Mulgao and witnessed ruin of his village due to Dempo mining: (external link)

Mulgao is one more village robbed off its water, economy, ecology, agriculture and prosperity based on food security and self sufficiency. How many more villages are to be ruined this way in Goa by mining companies?

Sebastian Rodrigues

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