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Dempos dries up Sivsorem water wells

Posted by sebydesiolim on Sun 26 of Aug, 2007 20:06 IST

Dempo mining corporation with its mining has created acute water water shorages for villagers of Sivsorem in Sanguem. Its mine in the village has dried up all the well of the village. though officially mining department poits out that Sivsorem mine is closed, villagers say that mine is in operation and its trucks are a marauding reality.

Here is a picture of Sivsorem mine of Dempo mining corporation: (external link)

After anticipating protests from the villagers, Dempos are working with State government to lay water pipeline from nearby Selaulim dam. Sivsorem village has been put to innumeable hardships and their agricultue is ruined. There is also tribal population in this village.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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