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Fomentos burries forest trees alive in Sanguem

Posted by sebydesiolim on Sun 26 of Aug, 2007 18:17 IST

Fomentos mining company is engaged in burring forest trees alive by dumping mining rejects. In the past few seasons along with cutting forests the company has also been actively involved in burring the forest alive to facilitate the mining trade. Here is a picture from Colamb, Sanguem wherein Fomentos trucks are in action: (external link)

Fomentos has their ongoing mining in operation amidst protests from the villagers. Here is a picture of Fomentos mining that is leading to acute water shortage in the village. Besides, it has destroyed village agriculture. have a look at this brown crater in the middle of ever green western ghats forests: (external link)

Due to protests by the villagers transportation of Fomentos mining was paralysed. However instead of closing down its mining operations it has chosen to carry on. But instead of transporting the ore to the Arabian Sea, it just encroached upon the nearby forest lands and dumped loads of fine Iron Ore. Here is a picture: (external link)

Group of us who toured Sanguem found huge loads of Iron Ore dumps inside forests and at one spot we came across board stuck on top of tree. it say forests is some one's private property, have a look at this: (external link)

There is urgent need to pressurize the State as well mining companies to cease mining operations in Sanguem. Things are headed towards catastrophe due to mining.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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