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Sarwan village battles mining proposal in Bicholim, Goa

Posted by sebydesiolim on Sun 26 of Aug, 2007 16:31 IST

One of the most prestine villages of Goa, Sarwan in Bicholim taluka is in the middle of a battle against Zatye mining group. The village has low grade deposits of magnesium and due to demands in the internatinal market industry is lured to mine this village and its evergreen forests. Public hearing was held in the ealier part of 2007 and villagers vehemently protested. Mining industry then begun pouring cash to subdue the protests.

Sarvan village specially Vathadeo went under water on August 05 2007 when the area flooded due to heavy rains. Rapid Environment Impact Assesment carried out by Industry negected this fact in a bid to hoodwink the central government authorities but rains caought them red handed - Zatyes now has to mine flood prone area. As per the Disaster management plan prepared by the executive magistrate Bicholim, survey numbers 61 and 62 of the mining lease 28/53 remains under water. Even survey number 64 which has boundary stone adjacent to the Bicholim river banks is affected during floods.

Core area of Sarwan mining proposal for 72 hactares was under flooded Bicholim river. Here see how it looked from the boundry stone with teacher Ramesh Gauns on top of it: (external link)

Here is a picture - of Vathadeo where the Public Hearing of 24th March 2007, mandatory requerement under Environment Protection Act 1987 before commisioning any major 'developmental' projects, seen under flood waters - taken on August 05 2007. (external link)

Earlier villagers toured the forest area selected for mining purpose and narrated their objections basically loss of their lands and cultivation spaces. Here is picture when they gathered in unity: (external link)

The forests are rich in biodiversity; it is a prime habitat of Leopard and variety of other wild life according to the villagers. Here is a veiw of Sarwan forests that is selected for sacrifice on the mining alter. Have a look at this picture: (external link)

Struggle against Zatye mines in Sarvan needs your support in whatever way possible. Goa has lost too much for mining and cannot afford to loose any more. If mining companies are let to have a field day then they will finish over 50% of Goa's georaphical surface. By the way have a look a the mining Map of Goa: (external link)

Do call few of your friends around you and start discussion as how we are to save Goa from reckless mining, loss of land, destuction of Agriculture, cutting down of forests.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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