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Description: Some want agendas, other want space. Some like the place, some like movement... some random questioning after the WSF...
Created by isabelle on Mon 31 of Jan, 2005 21:09 IST
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Posted by isabelle on Mon 31 of Jan, 2005 21:18 IST

The WSF ends up today and sitting in the press room in the communication center I wonder if it is time for assessment. All people around me are sending articles aiming to do this. And I have just reviewed what the main French newspapers have written on the forum, its 2005 flavor, its politics, its liveliness, its seriousness, its commitments, its outcomes and shortcomings... and I still wonder how they can do such a thing...

How can they close the Forum and pass to another subject: next mobilization, next demonstration... next agendas...

Beyond Agendas Social movements have agendas. It is indeed a usefull thing to mobilize people. At least it seems usefull when you watch people marching and repeating slogans against policies, institutions, people... Of course no one can deny there are urgent matters to deal with around the world, that there are needs to be adressed, actions to be taken. But is there an so equally need for slogans and agendas ?

I felt very unconfortable this morning at the Assembly of social movements and the continuous announcing of days of action and demonstrations, some already planned for the next winter! I felt somehow like in a kind of supermarket: take a cart, pick up the struggle you like and mark the day. It has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the claims: privatization of water, women opression, wars, environment depletion... are all legitimate and urgent issues. But, for me at least, answering so complexe questions with a slogan is a bad idea - at many different level.

1-I doubt sincerely that one issue the world is facing today can be solve by something as bold and easy as a yes or a no. The unfairness of trade cannot be solved by the closing up of WTO, water access cannot be solve (only) by sticking to public water supply and so on. Sustainable solutions can only emerge from the acceptationof complexity of the issues and of the diversity of solution... A thought difficult to put in any fancy slogan...

2-Slogans are for me the mark of old-fashioned politics - authoritative, self-confident, straightforward...examplary forms of what the Social forum process has somehow challenged.

3- Using slogans, adverting complexity, is for me the best way to desempower people.

to be continued....

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