WSF Bulletin

January 17th 2009

ALL ABOUT WSF 2009: (external link)

1) Participants accreditation, delegates, organizations and youth camp

Every registered participant in WSF 2009 will have to make accreditation to access the WSF territory.

The accreditation process starts at January 25th, at noon, in Rural University of Pará (UFRA) sports gymnasium. Participants should bring an ID and payment proof.

In January 26th and 27th, accreditation can be made from 8 am. to 8 pm. From January 28th to 31st, the accreditation booth will work from 6pm to 8pm.

Delegations accreditation and organizations: For the accreditation process of big groups, only the coordinators and/or responsible person should go to the accreditation booth inside the gymnasium. An ID, registration number and names of delegates is needed.

2) Registering in WSF territory, payment and press

Organizations, individuals and press professionals will be able to register for WSF 2009 from January 25th to 28th in the accreditation booth. Individuals and organizations should pay the registration fee in Brazilian currency (Real).

Press: The lists of registered press and media professionals are available in (external link), in alphabetical order. The last version available was made in January 12th at 15pm. (Belem time). Visit the address and check the list to see if you're already registered. If you're not able to find your name and/or the name of your media company/group, you'll be able to register from January 25th to 28th in the accreditation booth.

Payment: Individuals and organizations that didn't made the payment yet, but already have the bank document can pay the registration fee until the deadline printed in the document. Individuals and organizations that don't have the bank document will be able to pay the registration fee in the accreditation booth, in Brazilian currency (Real).

3) Donate to the Solidarity Fund

In order to allow the participation of organizations coming from all over the world, a Solidarity Fund was estabilished.

This Fund is financed by international and national organizations and will help, as much as possible in a balanced participation, in accordance with the priorities decided at the last meeting of the IC ( International Council), as indigenous and traditional peoples, and then, organizations and entities from countries that historically were not part of the Forum process, but since the Global Action Day of in January 2008, began to participate.

Every WSF participant is invited to contribute to the solidarity fund, increasing participation and widening the participation of people from all over the world.

Visit (external link) and contribute.

4) Indigenous mobilization will be the biggest in WSF History

In 2009, indigenous peoples mobilization will be largest in the WSF history Belém will become the destiny for around 3 thousand indigenous from all over the world, debating their reality and demanding the Humanity to support a worldwide campaign in defense of planet Earth.

Around 27% of the amazon territory in it's 9 countries is composed by indigenous lands and 10% of the Latin America population (around 44 million people) is composed by different 522 originary peoples. They're children and adults that struggle and resist, that suffer irreversible losses caused by predatory neoliberal capitalism, pushed by the expansion of transnational corporation activities – mining, oil companies, hydroelectric power stations, wood extracting companies, soy agribusiness, among others – over the indigenous lands.

This reality, as well as the world campaign in defense of planet Earth, is on indigenous peoples agenda during the 9th edition of the World Social Forum, that will happen from January 27th to February 1st, in the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and in the Rural Federal University of Amazon (UFRA), in the city of Belém, state of Pará (Brasil).

5) Belem Expanded program

More than 30 cities around the world will join the descentralized activities program during WSF 2009. Belem Expanded program is available here: (external link)

Several descentralized activities will also make video, audio and text connections using Belem Expanded space in WSF territory during the forum dates. (in Belem, the space for intercommunication will be hosted FACOM rooms, in UFPA). See the intercommunication program here: (external link) .

6) An extra place to the Youth Camp University Estadual do Pará (UEPA)

The Youth Camp (YC) will be place in to two spaces, the UFRA – Amazonia`s University Federal Rural (camp) and the UEPA – University Estadual do Pará (lodging). All the self controlled activities at the Youth Camp in Belém will happen at UFRA. There are around 26 places (tends and rooms) to be occupy by more than 180 political and cultural Camp`s activities .

The lodging at UEPA offers covered spaces to the tends, gym to sleep bags, toilets, bathrooms, internet room, restaurants around and buses with quickly access to the WSF area (including – NPI, UFPA and UFRA).

The vacancies at UEPA are limited, for this reason every one interested should hurry and follow these instructions:

  1. Do your inscription throw the link : (external link)
  2. Send an email to with the following information: at subject Field write ALOJAMENTO UEPA; at the email`s body your inscription number at the Youth camp and your whole name .

The YC inscription`s , for both modalities, cost R$ 15,00 and aloud the access to the WSF `s activities . The payment should be done as the on-line orientation.. Keep the receipt and bring to the Youth camp accreditation.

To more information’s check the site : (external link)

Address: Av. João Paulo II, nº 817
Neighbourhood: Marco
Reference point - between Rua Vileta e Rua Timbó