WSF Bulletin

December 12th 2008

1) Registrations for the Alliances Day (6th Day) are already open

One particular day dedicated to convergences and alliances between the entities, organizations and their struggles in the World Social Forum 2009

The registrations for organizations and networks that want to offer assemblies for the Alliances Day (6th Day).

On February 1, 2009, the sixth and last day of the WSF Amazon, is the Alliances Day, which will be divided into two stages.

In the morning the assemblies will be held between the networks and entities with similar themes and struggles, which should lists concrete proposals on the campaigns, demonstrations or any other activity, action or reflection that should continue beyond the event of the WSF 2009.

In the afternoon, during the Assembly of the Assemblies, will be reading the proposals and referrals with the results of all the assemblies during the morning shift. It will be a public event scheduled to start at 3 P.M, giving visibility to the specific proposals of the participant movements of the WSF.

In the Assembly of the Assemblies the presentation of the results of convergence will be interspersed with artistic and cultural activities, marking the closure of the 2009 WSF Amazon.

How to register The networks, movements and organizations that are ready to register assemblies can already do so. For this, just fill out the information below and send it to the e-mail: aliancas.fsm2009(at)

  1. Assembly Title
  2. Entity proposer, with country, e-mail and telephone contacts
  3. Entities articulated in the same proposition, with country, e-mail and telephone contacts
  4. Brief description of the assembly

Deadlines for registration For the assembly to integrates the official program of the WSF, the proposal should be sent until the day December 18. The other assemblies could be proposed after that date but they will not appear in the printed program, however, will be advertised on the web site and on the review of the WSF 2009.

Information: +55 (91) 3230-2285 (Benoit Guichard / Belém), +55 (11) 3258-8914 (Hélio Menezes /São Paulo)

2) Participants of the WSF 2009 are exempt from visa fees

Participants of the World Social Forum 2009 that are outside of Brazil and need a visa, will be exempted from fees and will receive, in exceptional character, a Courtesy Visa (Vicor), which is valid for 30 days.

The guarantee of visa exemption was informed to all embassies or consulates by Telegraphic Circular N° 70.635, sent by the Ministry of External Relations (Itamaraty).

How to apply to the Courtesy Visa (Vicor) It is necessary to submit to the Brazilian embassy or consulate, located in the country of origin of the Requestor, since December 10, the proof of payment of registration in the WSF 2009 or an invitation letter sent by the office of the WSF, which can be requested by e-mail: wsfletter(at)

As a security issue is prudent to take in hand the number of Telegraphic Circular (No. 70.635), that authorizes the exemption of fees.

IMPORTANT: The Brazilian visa system serves the agreements firmed with each country. So, see the chart below to find out what nationality is required for a visa in Brazil. Link to the chart: (external link)

3) Registration for the Intercontinental Youth Camp 2009 is open!

The registration process of participants at the Intercontinental Youth Camp (IYC) is open to everyone, as well as to groups, collectives, social movements and other entities who wants to propose self-organized activities in the camp. They can subscribe through the following links:

Participants: (external link)

Activities: (external link)

Attention! Don't miss the deadlines to register: Activities: until 20th December 2008 Individuals: until 20th January 2008

Individuals that take part in the same caravan or group should fill the full organization name in the correspondent field (i.e. Caravan of the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Washington College of Law of the American University, not AHRHL-WCL American University).

Registration fees The registration fee is a political call to the self-sustainability of the IYC. Aware of the differences in the payment capacities of the participants, the Organizing Committee of the WSF set different fees:

Participants from the geopolitical North (composed by the wealthier countries * ): 10 euro (30 reais)

(German, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, United States of America, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Ireland, Island, Japan, Luxemburg, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland)

Participants from the geopolitical South (Brazil and all others): 5 euro (15 reais)

Activities (proposed either by organizations from the North or the South): 16 euro (50 reais)

Subscription to the IYC will allow lodging and participants kit; it does not include food, neither the tent, which should be brought by the participants. The badge of the YIC will also allow access to all the self-organized activities from the World Social Forum (WSF) 2009.

Infra-structure The IYC will take place in the Amazonia Rural Federal University (Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia - UFRA). The territory will have bathrooms, showers, places to the self-organized activities, health spaces, information points and security. The UFRA will also receive the main events related to the Pan-Amazonia? Day (28th of January).

Read the blog (external link) for more details and news on the YIC preparation.

For further information on the WSF 2009, please visit the site (in English): (external link)


4) Call for indigenous and originaries peoples participation

Indigenous People go to WSF in Belem, for:

  • Territories, Free determination, Good living and Plurinational States
  • Global mobilization in Defense of Mother Earth, People and Mankind against the transformation of Life in merchandise, Contamination, Toxic Consumption and Social Criminalization

Dear friends,

Mother earth suffers the incredible violence of the transnational corporations, thirsty of water, petroleum, minerals, wood, genetic resources and other natural goods to turn them into merchandise and profits. All this at the cost of reheating the planet and exterminating us, the Earth’s children, and simultaneously putting in danger the whole Humanity. The States allow all this and they have become its overseers.

The Seattle’s Chief of the Dewamish tribe warning of 1855 in letter to the president of the United States of North America is fulfilled,: How it is possible to buy or to sell the sky or the heat of the Earth? … If we aren’t owners of the air freshness, nor of the water reflection, how you will be able to buy them? … Each shining needle of pine, each sand grain of beaches, the humming of each insect… are sacred in my People’s memory and experience. We are part of the Earth and it is part of us.

The rocky summits, the humid meadows, the heat of the body of the colts and men, we are part of the same family. We know that the white man doesn’t understand us… the Earth isn’t his sister but his enemy and when having dominated it, he continues advancing… He treats his mother, the Earth, and t his brother, the air, like things to buy and to devastate, to sell them as if they were sheeps.

Its voracity will finish devouring the Earth, leaving back nothing more than a desert. What affects the Earth, will also affect the Earth’s children. When men spits the earth, they're spitting themselves... the Earth doesn’ t belong to the man, but the man to the Earth. Everything is related like the blood that unites a family. The man did not create the weave of the life, but simply it is a fiber of him. What you do to that weave, to you you make it same.

It is urgent to fight against Capitalism and its "globalization" of life destruction in the planet. An important scenary to organize this answer is the World Social Forum that will meet in Belem do Parà (Brazil) from 27th January to 1st February 2009. We announce this call for all of us to participate actively in this WSF 2009, in order that in the construction of other worlds our alternatives of Free determination, Originaries Peoples Rights, Multinational decolonization of Power and Knowledge, Communitarian Self governance, Plurinational States, Reciprocity and Good living; and that is the 10th objective of forum WSF 2009

'For the defense of the environment (amazonic and others ecosystems) as source of life for the planet Earth and for the originary peoples of the world (indigenous, afro-descendent, tribal and riverine), that demand their territories, languages, cultures, identities, environmental justice, spiritually and right to live'

To accomplish, in organizing in this forum the Worl Wide mobilization in Defense of the Mother Earth, People and Humanity against the transformation of Life in merchandise (Natural Water, Food, Natural Goods), Contamination, Toxic Consumption and Social Criminalization, decided by the participant indigenous organizations in III the Social Forum Americas in Guatemala (October 2008).

Other Worlds are Possible and Urgent… and we are already builting it!

- Coordinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indígenas - CAOI - Coordinadora de Organizaciones Indígenas de la Amazonía Brasilera, COIAB - Convergencia Nacional Maya Wakib Kej (Guatemala) - Coordinadora Nacional de Viudas de Guatemala-CONAVIGUA - Organización Nacional Indígena de Colombia – ONIC - Confederación de Pueblos de la Nacionalidad Kiwcha del Ecuador – ECUARUNARI - Confederación Nacional de Comunidades del Perú Afectadas por la Minería – CONACAMI - Consejo de Ayllus y Markas del Qollasuyu – CONAMAQ - Organización Nacional de Pueblos Indígenas de Argentina – ONPIA - Confederación Nacional Agraria del Perú, CNA - Unión de Comunidades Aymaras, UNCA, Perú - Confederación campesina del Perú - CCP - Asociación Nacional de Maestros en Educación Bilingüe - ANAMEBI Perú

5) Call for convergences by the WSF IC Liaison Group



Dear friends, all of you have registered activities to be organized during WSF in Belem.

First registration period was over on November 21st.

Then, You will have until December 18th to edit your registered activities and to pay the registration fee correspondent to your organisation.

Before confirming, we strongly suggest you to check the list of all the other registered activities inside the same objective of yours.

To do it is very easy: in the webpages (external link) or (external link) you can find the list of objectives with the complete list of registered activities related to each one.

Probably, you will discover that similar activities to yours have been proposed by other organizations.

You have the possibility to get in touch with them, using the e-mail address and phone numbers you will find in the activities information.

You can decide to unify the activities you have already registered by editing/modifying one of them, incorporating the changes you agreed in the fields like title, description and, specially, partners in the activity, and deleting the extra activities registered.

You can decide also to make a “block” with these other activities, to be realized near to each other and in direct sequence, so that you all can reinforce the participation in the activity of each one, deepening the analysis, propositions and identification of possible convergences to build new alliances.

This merging process, of course, is made on voluntary bases. If you are not interested to merge or combine your activity with others, you can do it separately as in your initial proposition.

But merging activities is a wonderful way to enrich the debate, to strengthen social alliances, to create new conditions for acting and mobilizing.

WSF aim is to help as much as possible new global convergences: don’t lose Belem occasion!

You'll probably be contacted by one of the merging facilitators, who are voluntary trying to help this process.

Facilitators can help you in order to find partners for your activities. But please, don’t wait for them: you can work in an easy way by yourself!

In the next days you will receive another new letter, explaining procedures and details for the organization of the WSF final day (the so-called 6th Day).

Basically, the morning of the 1st of February will be devoted to finalize concrete proposals for global campaigns, mobilizations and any type of actions and practices. This will be done through assemblies.

This kind of assembly is the one where merging and combining with similar activities are very important for the success of your action!

In the afternoon, a sort of "assembly of assemblies" will take place, aiming to present the result of the morning assemblies, before the WSF closing ceremony.

So, let’s stay in touch, and let’s start together the merging process!

All the best, in solidarity WSF International Council Liaison Group

6) Belem expanded : on going preparation

Many organisations and activities registered in Belem FSM2009 have expressed intentions for organizing decentralized activities outside of Belem or having moment of connections with such decentralized activities or with groups of person in the town they come from.

These moments of connection can be during the activity slots or in any other moment during the forum, taking into account the availability of people in Belem and in the other place connected to Belem and the time difference

Belem expanded facilitation team is getting prepared to support some of those moments of live connection in Belem.

It will propose support for live audio and live video collective chat connections using "skype", and if you have other ideas in mind you can express them

You will find more information on Belem Expanded in this page, where you also learn how to send an announcement to confirm and organize your connection: (external link)