WSF Bulletin

December 1st 2008

1) WSF 2009: It's time to build convergences

The registration period for activities proposed for WSF 2009 was over in November 21st. More than 2400 activities were registered by organizations and movements from 60 countries.

Registered organizations has a new deadline until December 18th to confirm the registration, make the payment of the registration fee, edit the activities and the number of delegates attending to Belem. (Attention: after the payment, it's not possible to modify the number of delegates). It's recommended also that all organizations check if it's own activities are registered in the right WSF 2009 action goal, as well as if the other information are correct.

Organizations registered outside Brazil will have the payment system available soon and might have a different deadline to pay the registration fee, but should edit their activities by December 18th.

Now it's time to start convergences and merging among the participant organizations. The WSF is a space for exchange and strengthening of alternatives built by networks and movements from all over the world. So it's very important that all the initiatives and organizations try to build convergences.

Before confirm your activity until December 18th, it's strongly recommended that all the registered organizations check the list of activities proposed by other organizations, try to establish contact to unify activities or to build a common program along with similar initiatives.

A letter by the International Council Liaison Group was published calling all the organizations to merge. See the letter here: (external link)

Besides, a group of volunteer facilitators is already working to help registered organizations to find possibilities of convergence and merging. See the facilitators space in OpenFSM: (external link)

But you don't have to wait for the facilitators contact. All the registered organizations can see the list of registered activities, contact other organizations and propose a common program (unifying two or more activities or making a block of linked ones).

  1. Check the list of registered activities in (external link) (you can search by organization name, action goal or keyword), download tables divided by action goals ( or download the full activity spreadsheet format - (external link)
  2. Click on any activity name to see information about it's proponent (including contact info)
  3. Contact other organizations and, if you decide to merge, discuss with your partner organization the best way to do it (you can merge two or more different activities in one, or you can create a block of linked activities shifts in the program).
  4. After contacting the other(s) organziation(s), you'll have to edit your activity information to show the convergence. Visit the registration website - (external link) - and click in 'Organization already registered: pay the registration fee, change, include or delete participant’s name'. Provide your registration number and password to access the main menu, where you'll be able to edit the number of delegates attending Belem, the information related to your activity and access the payment system.
  5. After identifying possible activity partners, organizations willing to merge initiatives can, for instance, decide to put a common title in all their activities or change the dates and time proposed in order to make the all the linked activities happen close to each other.

Don't leave the convergence process for the last moment: visit the registration page, know all the WSF 2009 proposed activities, exchange information, amplify your struggles and causes and participate in a collective way to build of another possible world.

2) Registration of cultural activities and press for the WSF 2009

Registration of cultural activities and press for the World Social Forum 2009 can already be made - free.

Cultural or artistic activity (performing arts, cinema, video, music, literature, visual arts, dance, story telling and others) must be in accordance with the WSF Charter of Principles and the WSF 2009 Culture Reference Term. A guide for cultural registration with links to both documents is available in (external link)

Culture registration goes until December 12th.

Press: It possible to apply for registration of regular media, university press and schools, freelancer professionals, free and alternative media and civil society organizations. Press registration goes until January 10th and can be made in (external link)

Information: .

3) News from Belem Expanded - 60 days to the forum

Belem expanded is allowing to participate in wsf2009 without being physically in Belem. The WSF Internation Council issued a call end september (see: (external link)

Since then, many contacts have been made, a faciltation group is established, and Belem expanded is visible in OpenFSM.

How is belem expanded mobilization progressing ?

How will intercommunication be made between Belem Expanded participants ? In Belem, in the social territory , there is active work to allocate some rooms with telephone and internet connection to belem expanded facilitation group, to support simple chat audio video connections. If accessible more sophisticated video conferencing will be used. More news in the coming weeks (info: (external link)

How to start participation in belem expanded ? To get involved there is no preliminary registration, just announce that your organisation is interested to participate in belem expanded.

For this, you are invited to complete a text announcement exposing your intentions and send it to Belem expanded mailing list,

Follow the instructions given here: (external link)

Upon reception of your announcement, we will get back to you by Belem expanded facilitation team.