Dear friends,

According to the decisions taken during IC meeting in Abuja, a Methodology Seminar is planned to happen in Belem, Para, from the 10th to the 12nd of July. The agenda of this meeting is Metholodogy, but related Commissions (i.E.: Communication and Expansion) are also welcome.

Before the seminar, there will be a Pan Amazonic Social Forum's meeting on the 8th and the 9th and the Communication Commission meeting with the local Communication group will follow it, on the 13th.

This sequence of meetings are essential to the process of building the World Social Forum 2009 event, so there's an intention to make it happen by all means. However, the project that included the resources for the meeting hasn't been approved so far.

The Liaison Group and the Facilitation Group in Belem are working on other sources in order to make it possible, but we might be able to achieve it a few days before the scheduled date.

Because of such setbacks there are a few questions we'd like to ask you (send your reply to :

( ) Do you intent to attend to this meeting?

( ) Can you provide for your own flight tickets and lodging, making use of personal resources or looking for other sources?

( ) Can you help us raising funds for this meeting?

Best regards,

World Social Forum Office