Group 5 Report IC Abuja

  1. importance of the September 11th to change the world geopolitics; the world geopolitical context is changing with the new role of China, India, South Africa and Brazil; Europe is playing a neo-colonial role in Africa with its previous colonial experience, making partnerships, giving the impression that Europe is worried about the welfare of the continent; the problem in Africa is not only the violence but also the expansion of the free trade. There is a war against islam and the social movements cant be on the same side of the governments. China is playing a new role in Africa, generating some problems as in the oil exploitation, as in Darfur or Niger (north) for example; the governments in Africa are not democratic and China is giving more legitimacy to that; militarization of the Sahara region by US. In Latin America is emerging a civil movement transforming governments. In Europe there is a struggle for the regional leadership and the nuclear war has a new form and it needs the UN Security Council guarantee; the democracy is not a discussion in Africa; the role of Chaves is very important to the world; We have problems with the food arm. About the energetic crises, it seems to be natural because of the consume, but the problem is that the governments don’t accept to decrease the consume of energy.
  2. the social movements of the middle east are looking for its identity in a way of putting themselves inside of the actual world context, in the middle and north of Africa is not easy to talk about women rights; the regions are reacting in different ways to the us hegemony crises, opening a difference space to the movements; the militarization and criminalization of the social movements is very important; we need to discuss how the civil society depends on the agencies and the projects financed by funders. We need a new level organization which is not the wsf to make actions and make urgent calls for actions.
  3. the wsf is a new political actor that gives the possibility to the people to speak about different issues, when you get a space like the wsf and discuss thematic things with the spirit of change we create coordination inside the movements; the wsf should continue to be a space of expression of the main struggles in the world, but not in a neutral position, giving some north to the struggles; we cannot institucionalize the world social movements assembly because many people don’t recognize themselves inside it;
  4. the wsf should involve the social movements of the middle east; the wsf should help to show to new generations the problems that Palestine is facing; the wsf should recreate a new generation of activists; we need to face the question of funding; we need to pay attention to the real agenda of the civil society, otherwise the Arabic world will continue isolated of wsf; in the wsf space we talk a lot about social movements, but not about civil movements, it is important to take a look on that, because mainly of the middle class is organized inside civil movements; the wsf should build a socialpedia in opposition to the wikipedia;
  5. the periodicity of the wsf should between 3 and 3 years, with local, national, regional, policentric, thematic foruns in the years without the world event; we cannot finish one wsf and start other again; we cannot professionalize the wsf and get lost of the grassroots; the gda should be a tool to be used a lot of times between the wsf´s; we should accreditate organizations to build gda in the local, regional and nacional levels; the name gda supposes that we don’t make actions, we must create a common day with a lot of actions with clear themes; we need to capitalize successful histories of the wsf, as the work with dalits, mst…; we need gda every year; we need to solve problems with governments like in Nairobi, that the grassroots were outside the wsf and the government took care of all the infra-structure, food and security.