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Protest against Colonial Perpetuations in Goa
Posted by sebydesiolim on Tue 29 of May, 2007 17:31 IST

Once upon a time Goa was peaceful to stay and it's no longer so. We in Goa slept and few still sleeping on time bomb. Earlier we get up and defuse it better it is; for it is threatening to tear us and into pieces and our surrounding into desert with increasing instances of State nexus with marauding mining corporates - Indian and Foreign - equally brutal.

I have just returned from two days visit to Colamb village in Sanguem and was horrified to note the way police force is deployed to start mining by Fomentos for the past six months. Villagers I interacted Devki Velip and Devdita Antao showed me their houses around that has serious cracks due to mining explosions. Cracks are serious enough to make the two families homeless once monsoon begins few weeks from now and mud houses will give in and collapse. I am still not sure the fomentos have in mind; is it to provide them the shelter in their five star hotel Cidade de Goa or Is it to collect the mus of the collapsed houses and release it into Cidade de Goa's swimming pools? From where does Fomentos derives power to blast peoples houses?

And I also witnessed huge dumps of iron ore in the forest areas besides of course noting that mining is carried on in the reserved forest areas. Of course the forest department is actively colluding with Fomentos in playing this dangerous game at the cost of people's life and livelihood.

And I have noted goonda power from Sanvordem deployed by the mining company to terrorise the villagers and get them into the state of submission including by ways public humiliation of women. And of course I have not missed fightback waged by the Colamb villagers whose one third of village land is under mining that got activated since past six months. And this monsoon is going to the first time that they may perhaps be forced to go without what they have been doing for generations together: Cultivate rice, of course thanks to the great beneficiary of existing colonial structure in Sattari Taluka "Mokaso" and Goa Chief Minister today and for over twenty years in post liberation Goa.

Root of all this is nearly thousand mining concession granted by erstwhile Portugal colonial State in 1940s and with the flash of magnificent stupidity State of India decidedly carried on the colonial structure as it is. We badly are in need of radical changes in land relation we need to demand cancellation of all the mining leases granted by Portuguese colonial State and complete stop to iron ore mining in Goa. Mining has proved to be the industry that has created massive unemployment by invading agricultural lands and its support systems.

Sebastian Rodrigues

25th May 2007

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