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Indian Environment and Forest Ministry betrays Sarwan, Goa
Posted by sebydesiolim on Tue 28 of Aug, 2007 20:56 IST

Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) over ruled all the objections of the Sarvan villagers and gave green signal for starting of mining legally to Goa bussiness group of Zatye but actually to be operated by on Trimurthy. It is 72 hactares Sarwan Iron Ore and Manganese Ore Mine.

Villagers and People concerned about Environment have been protesting the commisioning of mine at Sarwan for past few years. Last August 05 2007 core area - survey number 64 of T.C. No. 28/1953 - of mining went under the flooded Bicholim River. Here is the picture taken then: (external link)

Environment ministry in its decision dated 21 August 2007 granted permission to M/s Zatye & Company Pvt. Ltd the necssarry environment clearance for commisining of mine under the condition that keeps safety zone of 50 meters between mine working and the Bicholim river. The travesty of truth is that thare is no 50 meter distance between the border as visible in the above picture and the Bicholim river.

This mine is proposed to be commisioned at the capital cost of Rs.278 lakh and will generate the waste of 13.1 million tonnes out of which 10 million will be dumped on the land in the form of overburden and the rest will be dumped inside the mining pit.

The clearance to the Sarvan mine also mean 40 houses with about 100 Sarwan villagers living adjacent to the mining lease land of survey number 99 in survey number 102 will have to get out soon if they decide to accept the verdict of MoEF.

MoEF is satisfied with its investigations and found that this mine was in operation during Portuguese colonial times in mid 1950s. Half a century later Indian government thinks it fit to revive the same - thus perpetualte the neo colonial legacy.

In early 2007 villagers came out the street of Bicholim to protest the mining proposal. Here is the picture a protestor: (external link)

Soon the public hearing was held wherein the mining proposal was vehemently opposed. Here is the picture of gathering at Public hearing: (external link)

MoEF gave permision for mining in not only roughriding Peoples opposition for mining but also neglecting topographic evidence of forest existing the mining lease area. Here is the picture of Sarvan's fragile Forest: (external link)

There is also very important underground Cave network in the proposed Sarwan mine area jurisdiction. This is going to be completely lost forever to the planet: (external link)

Proposed Zatye mining site in Sarvan also has an old temple - a place of worship on the banks. It is a rich human heritage to be lost due to mining. See the beauty for yourself: (external link)

Hoticulture in the form of 'Kulagars' here fetch Rs. 1 crore to the Sarvan village. It has well developed irrigation networks. Have a look at this irrigation for cultivation: (external link)

In the hottest months in Goa temperature in this forest does ranges between 15 degrees to 28 degree. It is forest with wild flowers. Here is picture: (external link)

Cattles too come here to cool themselves in fresh water. Here they are relaxing: (external link)

Do you think mining should come up in Sarvan? Dont's we rob our future generations of somethings valuable? What answer do we have to offer when he will ask us 'Why din't you protect our mountains?' Do we have a courage to look at his face: (external link)

Sarwan forest will loose Forest, Villages of Sarvan and Vattadev, Will deposit huge silt in Bicholim river, will throughly disturb catchment area of Bicholim river which is an important tributories of Mandovi river.

Do ponder. Think. Then write your protests to the MoEF officials in Delhi at their email

The ministery can be contacted on

The Secretary Government of India Ministry of Environment & Forests Paryavaran Bhavan CGO Complex, Lodhi Road New Delhi - 110 003. (INDIA).

Telephone:+91-11-2436 1896,24360605,24360570,24360519 email:

Express yourself loud till your voice is heard by those in power.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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