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Dempos dumps in Pilgao Khazan lands
Posted by sebydesiolim on Sun 26 of Aug, 2007 19:46 IST

Dempos could not have chosen any more ecologically sensitive place to carry on its mining dumps that it is curently doing. It chose Khazan lands - the lands reclaimed from the sea by Goa's first settlers - tribal people. Here is a picture for you: (external link)

Its Pilgao dumps are to be condemned by all people in defence of life and ecology, and asked to be removed immidiately. Though Dempos are above law in Bicholim so there is still point in demanding criminal action under section 133 Cr.PC for causing public nuisance. Police and courts are composed of citizens of India and they have constitutional duty to uphold right to life and defend environment.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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