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Vichundrem's stone of protest
Posted by sebydesiolim on Sun 26 of Aug, 2007 19:05 IST

Vichundrem village in Goa's Sanguem taluka has set an example of resistent to mining companies. it has successfully defended the village against the efforts of Gauns mining goup to initiate mining for the past five years. During this they faced various pressures and offers from the industry but they resisted it all. contractor Kushali Velip cleared the thick forests with his merciless falling of trees. The forest department was mere spectaor to the goings in the village. Of course mining companies surely would have have given forest officials brief cases full of cash. Mining trade in Goa operates its oiling operations brief case by brief case to help the law enforcers to soft paddle on large number of vilations by mining companies. Here is a picture of Vichundrem's stone of protest: (external link)

Vichundrem has rich agriculture that will be smashed with mining silt and their lungs with mining dust if mining raises its ugly head here. Here is a picture of Vichundrem's agriculture: (external link)

And here till few months ago stood thick forests but it has been razed to the ground to prepare for the mining trade. Have a look: (external link)

Vichundrem villagers protests are source of inspiration to all those amongst us defending forests and people from nefarious mining trade. Their stone of protest is also stone of inspiration, stone of struggle. Keep it up!

Sebastian Rodrigues

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