WSF Bulletin

July 29th 2008

1) Defined the list of 10 action objectives for WSF 2009 participants

The local Facilitation Group and members of Methodology Commission met in Belem from July 10th to 12th to evaluate the answers to the consultation process and define the action objectives for WSF 2009 participants.

The Consultation about the WSF objectives was called by the WSF International Council in order to expand or adjust the current action objectives for 2009 event. All the activities (conferences, panels, seminars, workshops and others) will be organized related to those objectives. See bellow the list of 10 action objectives for activities that will happen in Belem 2009 territory. In bold characters there are the additions made to the objectives defined to WSF 2007 in Nairobi (Kenya):

  1. For the construction of a world of peace, justice, ethics and respect for different spiritualities, free of weapons, especially nuclear ones;
  2. For the release of the world domain by capital, multinationals corporations, imperialist, patriarchal, colonial and neo-colonial domination and unequal systems of commerce, by canceling the impoverish countries debt;
  3. For universal and sustainable access to the common property of mankind and nature, for the preservation of our planet and its resources, particularly water, forests and renewable energy sources;
  4. For the democratization and independence of knowledge, culture and communication and for the creation of a system of shared knowledge and acquirement with the dismantling of Intellectual Property Rights;
  5. For the dignity, diversity, ensuring the equality of gender, race, ethnicity, generation, sexual orientation and elimination of all forms of discrimination and caste (discrimination based on descent);
  6. For ensurance (during the lifetime use of all people) of the economic, social, human, cultural and environmental rights, particularly the rights to food, health, education, housing, employment and decent work, communication and food security and sovereignty;
  7. For the construction of a world order based on sovereignty, self-determination and on people's rights, including minorities and migrants;
  8. For the construction of a democratic, emancipator, sustainable and solidary economy, focused on every people and based on ethical and fair trade;
  9. For the construction and expansion of truly local, national and global democratic political and economic structures and institutions, with the participation of people in decisions and control of public affairs and resources;
  10. For the defense of the environment (amazonic and others ecosystems) as source of life for the planet Earth and for the originary peoples of the world (indigenous, afro-descendent, tribal and riverine), that demand their territories, languages, cultures, identities, environmental justice, spiritually and right to live.

For the WSF 2009 it will be possible to register self-managed activities outside the 10 action objectives, that propose an evaluation or outlook on the anti-globalization movements and the World Social Forum process..

2) World Social Forum 2009

a) How to participate on World Social Forum 2009?

The registration process for WSF 2009 starts in mid-August and will be made only in the website (external link) The first moment will be dedicated to register self-managed activities. Regarding the WSF Charter of Principles, activities can only be proposed by organizations. The second stage of registration process will attend individual participants and media.

b) Stands registration for WSF 2009.

A registration form dedicated Organizations willing to have a physical space for institutional stands, meeting points or campaign tents in WSF 2009 territory is already available for download.

The stands requests should be sent until October 10th. The requests will be submitted to the WSF 2009 Facilitation Group and reservations are subjected to physical space availability. More information about stand reservation process is available in the registration form.

Stands registration form: - PDF version: (external link) - DOC version: (external link)

c) Note about accommodation in Belem during the WSF 2009

The Facilitation Group in Belem is taking a series of initiatives to attend the several requests that are already coming concerning participants accommodation during the World Social Forum 2009.

A form to request solidarity accommodation – family and alternative – will be available in mid-August, in the website (external link)

The alternative accommodation consists on schools, gymnasiums, religious and other organizations that will offer their spaces to WSF participants. The other modality of solidarity accommodation consists in local family's houses.

The solidarity accommodation costs can vary from zero to R$25,00 (about 15 US dollars). More details about accommodation options and how to request solidarity accommodation will be sent soon.

Concerning the standard accommodation, the Facilitation Group would like to inform that due to the reduced number of beds, Belem hotels are charging abusive prices – around 4 or 5 times more than the usual.

The Facilitation Group also would like to inform that there's no official travel agency for the WSF. Standard accommodation should be discussed directly by the participants organizations and the hotels in Belem, or using the travel agencies that the organizations are used to work with.

3) WSF regional chapter

a) Americas Social Forum in Guatemala

The registration to the next Americas Social Forum are opened until August 15th. The third edition of ASF will happen in Guatemala, from October 7th to 12th. To register or have more details about the III ASF, please visit the website: (external link)

b) African Social Forum Council meeting

The African Social Forum Council will meet in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) from july 31st to August 3rd.