EIOS 1 and 2 Evaluation Report

EIOS 2 Session III: The Future of Our Struggles, Networking Open Space

The third session also involved about 20 participants beyond the Integria group, and largely involved small group discussions to share our views and experiences from our own particular struggles and movements. After the initial report-backs, and a brief presentation about networking and locating our struggles with respect to open space, we broke up into smaller groups, where we engaged in a collective brainstorm about all common threads linking our movements and initiatives. After discussing these for a set time, we came back together in a larger group and discussed the broader links and connections. The initial idea was to actually move forward our concrete networking projects, but this proved difficult given the extreme diversity of groups involved. However, we did have an interesting series of exchanges as well as a broader discussion on the theme of networking, open space, and the emerging culture of politics within the WSF.

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