EIOS 1 and 2 Evaluation Report

EIOS 1: Exploring Inner Space

One of the more transformative and inspirational elements of the EIOS I Encounter involved a series of intense inter-personal workshops meant to generate exploration of our inner worlds. The first session involved an exercise where we imagined ourselves inside a dark cave and were asked to visualize an animal, which the facilitator interpreted as representing an important personality trait. In a follow-up session, we did a similar visioning exercise, but this time with a partner, enabling us to observe how our inner selves interact with others. Many of us had vivid dreams during the nights following these activities. By helping us to better come in touch with ourselves, and our emotional reactions, it was expected that we would be able to more affectively monitor our interactions with others, which made clear the interpenetration of personal, group, and social dynamics within and around open space. During another session, we were asked to visualize a color and think about our expectations regarding EOIS II, which revealed how we were feeling about the project. Finally, during a particularly conflictual and intense moment, we did an exercise where each of us rolled over the rest of the group, which provided a great way to release the pent up tension while establishing close physical contact.

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