EIOS 1 and 2 Evaluation Report

EIOS 1: The Setting

EIOS I was held in a pristine rural retreat center called Integria, situated in the mountains two hours north of Porto Alegre. Nestled in a semi-tropical rain forest just above a small river and on the edge of a steep climb inhabited by howler monkeys, Integria provided a calm natural setting for our collective endeavors. The facilities themselves, including dining room and kitchen, meeting space, and dormitories were designed in an ecologically sustainable fashion, while the proprietors were committed to both spiritual growth and social transformation. In addition to our own activities involving social movements, open space, and political change, another group was learning healing techniques from an indigenous Amazonian Shaman. Given our own additional focus on exploring inner space, the links between healing and politics would soon come to the fore, to the delight of some and dismay of others.

New section: The Programme; ChloƩ Keraghel of ESPERTISE and Jai Sen of CA/CIM prepared and circulated to all invitees a draft Programme for EIOS1 from ahead of time. This proposed programme was discussed in the opening session, and some initial modifications made, but the programme was then also further discussed and modified by the participants as a whole, as the meeting went along, to take into account the changing dynamics of the meeting. See Annexure 1 for the Draft Programme, and the discussion below for details on the dynamics.

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