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The Bamako Appeal is a statement issued by a meeting held in Bamako, Mali, on January 18 2006, an initiative taken by the WFA – the World Forum for Alternatives (external link), headed by eminent Egyptian economist Samir Amin and eminent Belgian historian François Houtart that makes a major call for (and puts forward a major 10 point programme for) an organised, worldwide redoubling of resistance to the current phase of imperialism and the building of a world movement. We at CACIM believe that this is an important document. Aside from the inspiration that the organisers themselves drew from the Bandung Conference in 1954, as reflected in the preamble to the Appeal, others are comparing it and what it represents to the Communist Manifesto. Either way, both the document and the process by which it is taking shape demand our close attention. It also needs to be discussed in public, and located within a wider historical and political perspective.

Some information notes on The Bamako Appeal

NB ! Please don’t confuse the present ‘Bamako Appeal’ with the ‘Bamako Appeal’ issued from the Workshop on the Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property held in Bamako during October 12-14 1994 available @ (external link)

On March 14 2006, the present Bamako Appeal was available @ :

And at :

  • Third World Forum / Forum du Tiers Monde

@ (external link) But where this last display also allows you to sign up @ (external link)

and also shows the sponsors of the Bamako Appeal as being : Forum for another Mali, Third Word (sic; ‘World’) Forum, World Forum for Alternatives, and ENDA.

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