Strategy Debate

Source: Forum Social Mundial

At this section, created by WSF International Council (IC) Strategy Commission, the different contributions which are preparatory to the debate to be carried out in the next IC meeting (between March 31st and April 2nd, 2008), in Nigeria. The aim of that debate is to make a political-strategic assessment of WSF process and the antiglobalisation movement in general, as well as a wide analysis of the international context in order to discuss the potentialities and challenges that face us on the construction of another possible and necessary world.

For further information about this debate, please read the texts below:

  • Summary of the discussion at the Strategy commission (Belem IC meeting, Oct./Nov. 2007): English (external link)
  • Message to reinforce the strategy debate, 09/01/2008, Rodrigo Nobile (Clacso), in English and Portuguese (external link)

  • Questions for the debate on strategy (document prepared by IC Strategy commission): Englsh (external link)

Section I: General texts and Interviews (external link)

Section II: Answers from IC members to the FSM Strategies questions (external link)

Section III: Answers from other participants of the FSM (external link)

Section IV: Texts of IC comissions and working groups (external link)


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