Global Justice and Solidarity Movement

This section features articles related to different dimensions of the 'Global Justice and Solidarity Movement' (GJ&SM). The name GJ&SM was proposed by the Assembly of Social Movements that takes place at the World Social Forum each year, at its 2003 Call of Social Movements, for the general wave of protest against corporate-dominated globalisation and against US-sponsored neoliberalism / neo-conservatism and war; as one name for the new wave of radical-democratic protest and counter-proposition. This 'movement of movements' is marked by its network form and communication activity, which is a feature recognised by its friends and enemies alike. Moreover, 'it' seems to change size, shape, reach, scale, target, and aims according to events. So, at one moment it might be focused against neoliberal economic globalisation, at another against the US-led war on Iraq.

  • The Networked Internationalism of Labour's Others : A Suitable Case for Research - Peter Waterman, September 2007. Download PDF. Word

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