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__Michal Osterweil__ is currently a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the United States. She is currently working towards a PhD in the Department of Anthropology on the Italian “New Global” Movement. Her research interests include social movements, globalisation, resistance politics, feminist and post-structural theory, and the relationship between knowledge production and political change. Michal is also an active member of the editorial collective of ===Global Uprisings===, a forthcoming Journal of Ideas + Action. E-mail : __Geoffrey Pleyers__ is a junior researcher of the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research and a doctoral student at the CADIS (''École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales'', Paris, France) and at the Liège Pole for the Study of Developing Urban Societies (University of Liège, Belgium). His thesis deals with the alternative globalisation movement, on which he conducted research at the first four World Social Forums as well as in seven European and Latin American countries. The topics of his publications include alternative globalisation, youth activism and fair trade. E-mail: __Subramanya Sastry (Subbu)__ is currently a freelancer doing independent software projects that are directly relevant to the needs of NGOs and social justice organizations, as well as participating in and playing supportive roles for organizations and groups involved in social justice issues. He has a PhD in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison (2003), and has spent considerable time in the last 6 years with several organizations in various capacities -- as a volunteer, co-ordinator, webmaster, technical consultant, researcher, writer, photographer. E-mail : __Jai Sen__, an architect and urban designer by training, is an independent researcher based in New Delhi, India, working on, among other things, the globalisation of movement. He was earlier a civil activist and campaigner on dwelling, labour, and rights-related issues in Calcutta (now Kolkata) and at national and international levels. He has attended the World Social Forums since 2002, and was a member of the WSF India Working Committee and its Coordination Team during 2002-3. He co-edited ''World Social Forum : Challenging Empires'' (2004); co-organised the ‘Open Space Seminar Series’ on the World Social Forum and cultures of politics at the University of Delhi (August-December 2003); acted as Editorial Adviser, with Chloé Keraghel, for ‘Explorations in Open Space : The World Social Forum and Cultures of Politics’, special issue 182 of the ''International Social Science Journal'' (UNESCO and Blackwell’s, December 2004); and co-edited with Mayuri Saini ''Are Other Worlds Possible ? Talking New Politics'' (New Delhi : Zubaan Books, 2005), the first of three books coming out of the Open Space Seminar Series. E-mail :

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