What is this list about?

The EIOS Friends list is for anyone who expresses an interest in EIOS but wants, for the moment, to just watch what is happening in the EIOS process. This list can also serve as an information dissemination list: Events, projects, articles, etc.

The administrator (or someone... who ?) has to prepare a digest on say a two-weekly basis ...

Protocol for adding new members

(Same as for the eios-collective list. (a), no, it should be a little different; and (b) we should not use shortcuts like "Same as for the eios-collective list", because it in fact means a long cut for the person visiting the space ! So here is a suggestion :)

Anyone who expresses an interest in EIOS but wants, for the moment, to just watch the EIOS process, can write in to the Administrator, spell out their interest in EIOS and say something on her- or himself, give their full contact details, and request to be put on the list. (Button on OSF homepage.)

All existing members of the EIOS Collective have the right (and, I suggest, the responsibility...) to nominate EIOS Friends, whose names will then be added to this list. We should do so by sending in - on the EIOS Collective list - names, contact details, and say a 4-5 line blurb on the person/s being nominated to the list in question.

Optional blurb content : On where the person being nominated is located, what kind of work they do, why the nominator is nominating the person, and anything else that the nominator thinks relevant. When doing so, we should keep in mind the nomination criteria suggested below, but EIOS Friends do not have to necessarily meet these criteria.

Nominations by Collective members to the EIOS Friends list will be automatically accepted by the Administrator. In other words, EIOS Collective members do not need to comment on nominations. Collective members can however object to nominations, on the listserve, but giving clear reasons. If anyone has very strong objections, even from one person, then we should agree that the person is not included.

Because those on the EIOS Friends list may in time wish to become members of the EIOS Collective, when nominating people we should try and keep certain criteria / priorities in mind : Women; belonging to marginalised communities (in whatever way) and also raising marginalised voices (not necessarily the same); whenever possible from the South but not only this; and coming from diverse fields (and not only the social and political sciences !). Other suggestions welcome !

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