EIOS 1 and 2 Evaluation Report

Conclusions/Future Projects

At the final meeting to debrief following the WSF, we did a round of evaluation and then charted future projects. Almost everyone agreed that the project, and EIOS I in particular, had been extremely worthwhile, although some questioned the value of the open space concept and others became quite skeptical of it, preferring relational or processual notions instead. Still, we agreed to continue working with the notion of open space for the near future. In terms of future projects, we agreed to follow up on several of the tasks coming out of EIOS I: exchanging notes and beginning a collective writing process, completing the film, fulfilling reporting requirements with respect to funders, and other logistical tasks. We also decided to initiate several new initiatives, including the International Council or IC Watch, two book projects (one a compendium of existing articles coming out of the ISSJ issue and related sources, and the other a new endeavor involving a more critical exploration of the concept of open space), and the formation of EIOS organizing collective, which would coordinate the open space website, take forward current projects, and begin to plan for the next EIOS Encounter in India. EIOS would thus move to the virtual realm, at least until the next physical gathering.

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