Explorations of Open Space

EIOS 1 and 2, Porto Alegre, January 2005

A Report


Explorations in Open Space (EIOS), since renamed 'Explorations of Open Space' for the next phase of activities, involved two series of intensive and participatory workshops designed to critically examine the concept of open space and emerging cultures of politics within and around the World Social Forum (WSF). They were organised by CA/CIM (Critical Action / Centre in Movement, New Delhi) and ESPERTISE (ESPaces ouVERTS, Transformations et Innovations Politiques et Sociales, Paris). The first took place just prior to the 2005 WSF at an ecologically sustainable retreat center outside Porto Alegre called Integria from January 21 to 24, and was restricted to an invited group of 16 people in order to facilitate high quality exchange, group building, and interactive dynamics. Most participants had been contributors to the December 2004 special issue of the International Social Science Journal (ISSJ)- “Explorations in Open Space”, edited by Jai Sen and Chloe Keraghel and published by UNESCO; others had been invited through personal contacts, and the general profile was of young scholar-activists, including two from South Africa and Malawi sponsored by UNESCO in order to bring people from Africa into the process. In general, participants came from South Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and North America, bringing with them extremely diverse cultural backgrounds and political experiences; their academic backgrounds were in areas such as education, political science, anthropology, international relations, philosophy, sociology and development studies. The second series involved three public workshops organized by the group that gathered at Integria, taking place at the WSF itself in Porto Alegre on January 27 and 28. By design 'public', and in order to reach out widely and to stimulate wide-ranging and thought-provoking exchange, these discussions took place among a larger number and an even wider range of people than at EIOS1. They involved open discussions and dynamics surrounding the multiple connections among open space, inclusion/exclusion, world politics, and networking.

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