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Right now, when a registered user logs on, a lot of content is accessible to the user (especially if he/she happens to be part of the eios-collective). However, for a guest/visitor to the site, the only content that is there right now is: a couple introductory pages, ISSJ articles, some brief blurbs about WSF 2005 events, and a transcript from the Open Space Seminar Series. Could we now start paying attention to this?

Please edit the content under the following headings to elaborate on what this webspace could be?

What (other) material could be in public spaces?

Materials regarding justice issues and struggles could go on this webspace.

How could a visitor to the site contribute (or participate in the process?)

Right now, visitor participation is very restricted — comment on existing article, perhaps contribute an article of their own (unlikely unless this is actively pursued with acquaintances/friends), share their experiences of how the WSF was open/closed to them, or suggest related initiatives/sites. And, that is it. Is there a role for a visitor in this space? If so, what might it be?

Who else could use this space usefully?

Right now, has served as a space for putting out material produced by this group, and also a space for co-ordinating activities. So, the natural question is: who else could use this space usefully, based on your experience so far? Of course, the decision about opening it up has to be a collective one ...

The active engagements with the people in the movements in the form of dialogues could provoke lot more meaningful use of this space. Visit to various struggle areas and engaging in critical reflections could also be one more posibility to be pursued. This will be singificant contribution towards opening spaces beyond WSF limits

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